The meaning of "indie" has changed so much. It used to mean "independent," and it was all about being yourself. Now, most people are so caught up with being "indie," they can't see that they're actually not indie. An "indie" girl is a girl who opposes anything of the mainstream. If you're a girl that doesn't listen to mainstream music (which is music signed onto major record labels, like Paramore, and All Time Low), doesn't dress like the mainstream (you don't wear gay crap like Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch), then you are basically what this world thinks is indie. But, if you are a true indie girl, then you do whatever feels right. Maybe you do listen to Paramore, and maybe you wear Hollister on occasion. But what matters is that you do it because you WANT to, NOT because it's the indie thing to do. And, besides, if ALL your friends are listening to ndie music, doesn't that make it NOT indie? There is a HUGE difference between stereotypical "indie," and true, authentic indie. :)
Ex. 1, stereotypical indie girl: "I'm so indie, posers worship me."

Ex. 2, authentic indie girl: "Indie? What the heck is that? I do what I feel like doing. Is that so bad?"
by SkirtGirl:3 May 01, 2011
An Indie girl is the type of girl that stands up for what she beleives. she usually doesn't care what people think about her. they also don't name themselves as indie if they do they arn't they are a poser. They like all different types of music especially bands that no one has heard of. Most of the bands are up beat and happy not heavy metal. They are uaually artistic they like to draw, write, photography, play music or do anything that they are good at.

people think that an indie girl dresses vintage have bangs that usually cover their face and their hair is bleach blonde or black. That definatly isn't true because then it wouldn't be indie.
The shy girl in your art class that is always during or that girl in your music class that is an amazing guitar player and isn' afraid to speak their mind. That is an indie girl.
by kaitlynlouise October 24, 2011
A girl who listens to indie music, folk, or alternative. usually have long wavy or straight hair, and wears dresses and ballet flats from vintage stores. Indie girls might have a tons of owl,birds, or fish accesories. Usually are free with their mind and are really happy, and some but not all are artistic and into photography with Holga cameras, fish-eyes, or any type of polaroid. shops at Urban Outfitters, American Apperal, and other thrift stores you've never heard of.

Usually loves coffee or tea shops and plays the acoustic guitar every Live Mic Nights.
Thing 1: "Who's that girl, over there in the corner taking pictures?"
Thing 2: " which one?"
Thing 1: "you know that girl over there, the one in the vintage dress, and curly hair, with Toms."
Thing 2: "oh her, that's Fiona Apple. She's new she's a Indie Girl that just transfered here, she's really pretty."
Thing 1: " oh i never met her... but she seems cool."
by Owl Owl Eyes! May 05, 2010
If you are looking this up, your either curious to what Indie really is, or you want to be Indie.
I hate to break it to you, but Indie isn't quite what you think it is.
Indie means independently owned, such as music and films.
But there's this silly thing called MTV who started this craze called Indie. Its just another stereo typical fad that has high schools and young adults crazy.

So what is Indie you ask, Indie is, like I said Independently owned ...
You cannot BE Indie. You either listen to independently owned music or watch independently made films.
But, MTV started the craze of "indie". You know that cool kid that everyone knows. Listens to obscure bands that are just that much cooler than what you listen to. And they seem that much cooler than you.
A stereo typical indie kid is plaid shirts, skinny jeans, random haircut.
But Indie isn't that. Those people are just hipsters.
It doesn't matter how many countless times people say that indie is just independent thinking, IT ISN'T!
It is a type of music or film.
Even if someone said, I like the genre of Indie

Thank you for your time :)
I'm just sick of all this stereo typing
Boy: *listening to iPod*
Girl: Oh my gosh is that Modest Mouse?
Boy: Yes, yes it is
Girl: I love love love Indie music!
Boy: Well, it isn't really Indie..
Girl: It falls under that genre, right. I'm kind of an Indie Girl myself..
Boy: Just because its kind of folk and its a dude with a cool haircut, does NOT mean he's indie. And you aren't indie. Your just a girl who is acting something she isn't wearing super tight skinnies. You try hard
Walks off
by whyhellotherelittleone August 31, 2010
Well this is how to spot/be an indie girl.

First we will start with clothing:
Denim and leather jackets, duffle coats or a faux fur coat.
Skinny jeans in black or dark blue, denim mini skirts or denim hotpants.
Vintage dresses from the 50s/60s.
Band t-shirts and tops that have a lot of sequins.
Old jumpers with holes in.
Waist belts.
Gold bangles, lots of rings and gold necklaces and beads.
Scruffed up ballet pumps and old skool trainers and ankle boots.
Anything leopard print.

Scruffy and messy
lots of layers
bangs that go all the way into your eyes
or maybe a straight bob
black, brown, blonde hair or bleached hair

Make up will be fairy natural but often they will have smokey eyes and amy winehouse eyeliner.
Red lipstick for special occasions.

Nail varnish will be red or black

Indie girls:
Know of a million bands that you don't.
Know a lot about most kinds of music not only indie.
Go to gigs in grotty venues and pubs.
Drink vodka and coke.
Are arty; making music, painting, photography, making clothes.
Are intelligent and know about current affairs.
Have read lots of books.
Love art house films and cult films.
Only go for indie boys and they are even better if they are in some band.
Always do well in school.
Smoke marlboro reds or lights.
Some even roll their own but only Golden V or white drum.
Mostly are skinny so they dont look fat next to their indie boyfriends and can share skinny jeans.
Go to the music festivals like Glasto or Reading.
go to any klaxon, jamie t, kate nash gig and believe me there will be hundreds of indie girls!
by ruby_blue January 30, 2008
Technically, an indie girl is a girl who does what she prefers, regardless of what is "mainstream" and popular at the time.

Nowadays, an indie girl is a pretentious snob who looks down on all music genres except for those underground. Often spends parents' money to feed her image. And drinks at Starbucks regularly, despite her "indie" image.
"Look at those weird boots, she's so indie."

"That pretentious poser bitch over there is an indie girl."
by kaboomdeboom July 22, 2008
An incredibly cool girl. Who listens to a wide range of unknown music. She also must be incredibly witty.

She usually likes to dress sharp maybe with a tie. Unlike Avril Lavigne ties. Indie Girls wear them tight and normal not ghey-like. Usually with a nice polo or sweatervest. Indie girls also usually have glasses. You better be pretty damn Indie to make up for not having glasses. If you're a hard-core Indie chick you'll wear blazers with your ties. But not just any blazers. Tweed blazers and pinstripe only. Also, don't match too much. If you do it'll lookliek you tried to hard to look indie, and you don't want that. Even if no one can see your socks that day, wear two different socks. it's totally unique and it looks like you are poor/don't care.

Shoes are a major part of my indie girl life. And they should be a part of your indie girl life too. I like to wear and and every shoe I can find. Wing-tips, dress shoes, plaid clogs, bowling shoes, chuck taylors, bare foot, doc martens, be creative.

To indie girls hair = everything. You can go a bit daring and cut it all off for that short indie mod look. Of keep it long and make it totally layered and haute.

If you don't love to read. Don't you dare call yourself indie. I'll come kill you. :-) Now indie kids are all about being themselves. You better have an awesome unique personality if you want indie friends. If you don't have a sarcastic sense of humor and don't love comedies just curl up in a ball and die. Now indie girls have to have this whole I'm just a dorky indie chick presence. Everyone loves that. Other females will befriend you because they know that you will never be cooler than them. When actually, you're probably the coolest chica ever. Of course, you don't show it.

Being and indie chick is really hard. You set the tone for everyone. If you're listening to something new, don't tell everyone about it. Unless you wnat it to be on MTV next week. Loser.<3
Normal Girl: Hey what are you listening to?

Indie Girl: Music you can't appreciate because you'll just blow its "down to earthness" out of proportion and make it mainstream crap.

Normal Girl: Cool.
by Indie Chica May 03, 2006
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