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If you are looking this up, your either curious to what Indie really is, or you want to be Indie.
I hate to break it to you, but Indie isn't quite what you think it is.
Indie means independently owned, such as music and films.
But there's this silly thing called MTV who started this craze called Indie. Its just another stereo typical fad that has high schools and young adults crazy.

So what is Indie you ask, Indie is, like I said Independently owned ...
You cannot BE Indie. You either listen to independently owned music or watch independently made films.
But, MTV started the craze of "indie". You know that cool kid that everyone knows. Listens to obscure bands that are just that much cooler than what you listen to. And they seem that much cooler than you.
A stereo typical indie kid is plaid shirts, skinny jeans, random haircut.
But Indie isn't that. Those people are just hipsters.
It doesn't matter how many countless times people say that indie is just independent thinking, IT ISN'T!
It is a type of music or film.
Even if someone said, I like the genre of Indie

Thank you for your time :)
I'm just sick of all this stereo typing
Boy: *listening to iPod*
Girl: Oh my gosh is that Modest Mouse?
Boy: Yes, yes it is
Girl: I love love love Indie music!
Boy: Well, it isn't really Indie..
Girl: It falls under that genre, right. I'm kind of an Indie Girl myself..
Boy: Just because its kind of folk and its a dude with a cool haircut, does NOT mean he's indie. And you aren't indie. Your just a girl who is acting something she isn't wearing super tight skinnies. You try hard
Walks off
by whyhellotherelittleone August 31, 2010

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