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a guy who is is a little on a chunky side but not fat. His jeans are a bit tight around his ass and their are slight love handles to bee seen.
Rosie: Look at Ben he has put on some weight!
Sarah: I'd say he has the chunks.
by ruby_blue January 30, 2008
Well this is how to spot/be an indie girl.

First we will start with clothing:
Denim and leather jackets, duffle coats or a faux fur coat.
Skinny jeans in black or dark blue, denim mini skirts or denim hotpants.
Vintage dresses from the 50s/60s.
Band t-shirts and tops that have a lot of sequins.
Old jumpers with holes in.
Waist belts.
Gold bangles, lots of rings and gold necklaces and beads.
Scruffed up ballet pumps and old skool trainers and ankle boots.
Anything leopard print.

Scruffy and messy
lots of layers
bangs that go all the way into your eyes
or maybe a straight bob
black, brown, blonde hair or bleached hair

Make up will be fairy natural but often they will have smokey eyes and amy winehouse eyeliner.
Red lipstick for special occasions.

Nail varnish will be red or black

Indie girls:
Know of a million bands that you don't.
Know a lot about most kinds of music not only indie.
Go to gigs in grotty venues and pubs.
Drink vodka and coke.
Are arty; making music, painting, photography, making clothes.
Are intelligent and know about current affairs.
Have read lots of books.
Love art house films and cult films.
Only go for indie boys and they are even better if they are in some band.
Always do well in school.
Smoke marlboro reds or lights.
Some even roll their own but only Golden V or white drum.
Mostly are skinny so they dont look fat next to their indie boyfriends and can share skinny jeans.
Go to the music festivals like Glasto or Reading.
go to any klaxon, jamie t, kate nash gig and believe me there will be hundreds of indie girls!
by ruby_blue January 30, 2008

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