1. The act of constantly complaining about your state rather than getting off your fat, lazy ass and doing something to make it better.

2. The act of constantly Complaining about absolutely everything, even the good that will benefit their state.

3. Ignorantly complaining their state is the worst while not realizing it is average; some states are worse and some are better.

4. Ignorantly complaining of the alleged “lack of jobs,” while not realizing it has faired better than other regional states.

5. Refusing to adapt to change even for the better.

6. Ignorantly complaining about the alleged “lack of jobs” while also complaining when a corporation wants to expand in the state.

7. Blaming the good Governor for everything, even the good.

8. Blaming the Governor for your personal shortcomings.

9. Blaming the Legislature for your shortcomings.

10. Constantly Complaining about the poor quality of roads while also complaining about road construction to improve them.

11. Constantly complaining about Daylight Savings Time when most of the country experiences it.
Indiana residents constantly complain about anything and everything, even when it is good, as if they don't have a life. They are usually the first to complain about their state rather than getting off their duff and doing something about it. They are often ignorant and think Indiana is the worst state in the country, while actually being very decent and very average.
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
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The Cross-Roads of America. The state that lies between Ohio ,Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. The state is quaint and known for the Indianapolis 500 and the residents' fervant love of basketball. Considered by many to be a nowhere hole in the wall for rednecks etc., but oh well. And is also the namesake for one of the coolest film heroes of all time, Indiana Jones. Admit it, that sounds alot better than Kentucky Slim, New York Paul or California Fag.
I flew over Indiana on my way to Denver.
by Tbone July 03, 2003
basketball country
by Alex July 02, 2003
Considered the "Cross Roads of America." It is known for basketball, corn, and racing, but is now known for football, running, and other sports as well. People from Indiana are called "Hoosiers" (see definition) and are percieved as sleepy red-necks (not always accurate). It is a very agriculturally rich part of the United States.
I am from the wonderful state of Indiana.
by Michael Johnson February 06, 2004
Place where I live. Is famous for corn, racing, and michael jackson. Unfortunatly. People often think there is nothing here but corn, but they are deeply mistaken. We are often referred to as red necks but the red necks are in kentucky not Indiana.
i live in indianapolis
by meg March 06, 2005
Commonly known for: corn, basketball, Michael Jackson, James Dean, long drives, insane weather, racing and some rednecks. There is a lot more in Indiana. Good original music and some of the nicest people you will ever meet live here. It's often considered a boring state but if you really just want to have a relaxed weekend, go kick it back with the Hoosiers.
Indiana, America's gut.
by Frizzle Fry May 07, 2008
A midwestern state that has as many nice areas as cornfields and steel mills, and ghettos. There are many definitions on here that mention the rednecks, well I'm from the region(northwest) and there are all kinds of people here only a small percentage of rednecks. I guess that the rest of the state is different. The Indiana Dunes are beautiful and we are close enough to Chicago to commute for work or fun. It isn't the most beautiful state but it's not all bad.
You can have fun in Indiana
by Anule October 10, 2006
A midwest state whose southern border with kentucky is the nothermost boundry of the inbreeding and illiteracey region of the U.S
Thank God we are in Indiana, those horses in Kentucky looked so nervous all the time.
by R. May April 03, 2006

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