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Constantly hooking up with your ex's

I'm not in the kitchen

um...yes you are

It's not my fault i was tricked!
by Dani_Joy March 19, 2009
A term used by dope (meth) cooks to let you know that they're cooking without saying so.
I was going to go pick up a couple of grams, but when I called dude said that he was still in the kitchen.
by Bunnyfitch November 25, 2014
A phrase used to make others aware of who's COOKING!

A mental place where you're brain is running at its highest level of power. In the zone x10. After marinating on something, you find yourself IN THE KITCHEN!!!

dubbed by Pro bmx rider Pat Laughlin, aka Big Daddy. HITEMWITIT!!
Wow, the tri-cep extension on that x-factor was huge. He's IN THE KITCHEN for sure!!
by bgeeezy July 09, 2010
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