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Small and wierd. Like Brian in a speedo.
Wow, Brian's ears are really impy.

Brian looks so impy in those socks.
by yooneedlove May 14, 2008
That cool emo kid from myspace
Omg arent yoo impy that kid from myspace
Impy can yoo strip on cam for me
OMG impy your hot lets fuck!!
by SceneCoreHero October 04, 2006
(n.) Extremely retarded player of the popular Half-Life mod, Natural-Selection. Supporter of scripts, stupidity, goatse, and hacking.
OMG ITS TEH IMPY!! f5!!!!!1!11! f431!11!1!
by [Champion] Denny November 12, 2003
That NS guy who asks for man secks, but asks for just a little more.. His spelling skills is the same as a retarded kid in the 3rd grade
Impy is the sort of guy who would fuck a guy in the ass, but wouldnt have the balls to swap over.
by ASSHAT December 07, 2003
a sinful act. a very spontaneous action. when you are really feeling it.

an IMP is a random adventure. spontaneous travel is very impy.
Let's get on the next flight to Vegas.
That's impy af.
by galaman007 March 17, 2016
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