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The female, vocal half of the electronic band Frou Frou

Imogen Heap has one of the most haunting voices of today's musicians
by billybonesbillly December 23, 2005
Imogen Heap is a English singer-song writer Slightly famous alternative singer. Most famous for her work in Frou Frou. Uses electro to get a unique sound. Recently signed a contract with The O.C to do 4 song soundtracks and . From ROMFORD; ESSEX; England . Lives now in America.
Random Chick - *did you hear that song in marissa's dying scene?*
Friend - *yeah, Imogen Heap.*
by shot-in-the-heart August 19, 2006
Imogen Heap has been so inspiring to many aspiring artists. We thank her.
by 4twolah_peel August 04, 2011