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Imogen Heap is a English singer-song writer Slightly famous alternative singer. Most famous for her work in Frou Frou. Uses electro to get a unique sound. Recently signed a contract with The O.C to do 4 song soundtracks and . From ROMFORD; ESSEX; England . Lives now in America.
Random Chick - *did you hear that song in marissa's dying scene?*
Friend - *yeah, Imogen Heap.*
by shot-in-the-heart August 19, 2006
Elliott Smith was a well known American singer-songwriter and musican. His voice was known as being whispery, and thin, yet cold as ice. After being in a band called Heatmiser for a few years, he began a career in solo singing in 1994. he was well known for battling with alchol, depression and drugs and often included them in his songs. He died on October 21, 2003 at the age of 34. I think his best album was *Figure 8.*
Me - God, i love Elliott Smith, even though his lyrics are depressing
by shot-in-the-heart August 19, 2006

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