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A place that is heaven when you're immigrating and hell when you actually get there
"Yes, I just got my Green Card! I'm going to United States of America, baby!"

(Three months later)

"Hi, buddy this is (some Mexican name). So how's life in United States of America?"

Grimaces and says darkly"Don't ask, fellow, don't ask..."
by wearethebhai2 August 23, 2009
A word originated in Nepal, meaning 'wonderful' or 'outrageous!' or simply 'great'. Mostly used by youths and adults trying to 'keep with the times'.
She's got a hot body, dammi.

I passed on my Maths tests. Dammi!

Whoa, you actually passed that test. Dammi, man I salute you!
by wearethebhai2 August 19, 2009
A place for everything you couldn't get into Wikipedia
"What the hell is dammi?? I can't find anything on it in Wikipedia!"

"Dunno, go try Urban Dictionary"

"Hey I just added my lame inside joke in wikipedia but they deleted it! What should I do?"

"Take it to urban dictionary and kill yourself. imfao"
by wearethebhai2 September 01, 2009
A two-man secret organization that consists of the camerlengo and a hired killer, the second of which believes he is performing Satanism while actually 'helping' the church. Its main aim is to make the people religious zealots by giving them fear of a long-lost group.

SPECIALITIES: Sadistic murders, antimatter and administering fire burns on people.


The chief assasin of the Illuminati. A necrophilia perv who likes his women killed or begging to be killed.

Camerlengo in disguise. Killed his own father as a service to God. Nearly destroyed Vatican City, as another gift to the Holy Father.
"The Illuminati just called me desperately, saying they'd pay me $50 to attend the church. Suspiciously out of character..."

"Well I too got a call from a 'Illuminati' member too, asking me where my wife was buried. Now why in hell would anyone want to know that??"
by wearethebhai2 August 23, 2009

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