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Iguazu is like a walk to the bottom of the water fall, at the top is a very beautiful view, you look into the eyes and it’s like looking to the bottom of the water fall… deep and full of excitement. You think to yourself how I will make it down to the heart of this beauty and realize it will be a long journey when only he realizes that iguazu is undiscovered and no path is available to go to the heart. So you make your own path to walk and discover this fall is not only beautiful on the outside but inside as well, it holds a personality to it that makes it special, but also tuff to make sure no one can do harm to its beauty. You continue going on creating a path to the heart of the falls and after a few bumps and bruises and after cutting down the walls of vines and bushes I made it to the heart of this precious gift to the world brought down from heaven and find a calm peaceful feeling all around the sweet whispers of the water fall saying it’s alright you’re protected as long as you stay close to my heart. The felling of time passing bye like a flash of light in the corner of the eye. the man who made it here is and always be the luckiest man in the world.
Girl: My boyfriend is the sweetiest guy ever… and he looks very hot.
Girl 2: wow if only my boyfriend was that awesome
Me: Hey ladies I am all those things and very awesome but sorry girl 2: my heart belongs to girl #1 Iguazu i love you!
by twitchysnookiebear April 19, 2012
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