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The Igor is a mysterious creature. The Igor has no sense: common, balance, fashion or otherwise, and as such has rarely been seen on skates, and is often to be found wearing odd combinations of combat gear, t-shirts, and an infamous pair of white socks.

The origin of this species is somewhat unknown, with some claiming far eastern, European, and even continental United States origins. However the Igor has been heavily influenced by the antics his closest friends. It is also known that the Igor has unbounded stamina, being able to maintain activity for many solid hours, as well as being a fast runner, possibly an adaptation to keep up with the true sk8er types.

The Igor is often known to use a variety of pseudonyms. The purpose of this is unknown, it may be to confuse those not in the species close social circle, or it may be for humour purposes. Suffice to say it is not uncommon for an Igor to be mentioned along with 5 or 6 other, generally very unusual, names. It is not known whether “Igor” is the creatures real name, or just another pseudonym.
On 'Pyramid bags' Oh wow now I can have geometric tea!! - Igor
by Bob Clench January 26, 2006
The name derives from old Norse, means a genius.
Mary: Thank you Igor, I will build you a monument.
by Igoreto February 19, 2009
awesome or totally good at every thing
dude i am so igor at video games!!!!
by Ziggy Relms September 28, 2009
A name deriving from the Norse. Related to the Norse god Ing, and arr meaning warrior therefore known as Ing's warrior or Ing's defender. This name goes back many years, to the vikings. There have been many great Igor's, Igor Stravinsky (a great composer), Igor Sikorsky (developed the first real helicopter), and many more.
"Did you know that one of Igor Sikorsky's helicopters helped build the CN tower in Toronto, Canada?"
by imaj_0711 June 21, 2009
Strong, smart, awesome! Can get all girls that walk by him. girls drop their panties at the very sight of him. Can out drink anyone that challenges him! Most powerful person alive. So successful and has lots of money!
Igor is rockin!
by Youknowit2 April 25, 2010
An inflamed pustule that is found on a male's external sexual organ; most commonly received by having sexual intercourse with a horse.
I'm sorry to inform you, but you have a severe case of igor.
by Jokester009 December 07, 2011
A name usually given to a donkey in Bosnia.

The pronaunciation of the name sounds like a donkey making a noise.
Woman: Where is that donkey ?
Woman: Igor, Igoooooooooorrrrrrr Iggooorrr
by LittleErdan June 13, 2011
When someone makes a really stupid mistake in goal.
Wow, that was an igor, he let the ball slip right through his legs.
by qwerty3250 October 21, 2011