igor is a planner
i cant cook you sandwhiches because i didnt plan it...nevermind that i claim to not be a planner so im not making sense. oh bother, ill just come to terms with the fact that igor is a planner
by vixen September 03, 2003
A coffee drinking, cigarette smoking idiot. famous for getting hit in between the eyes with the butt end of a shotgun. This fucker just doesn't know when to shutup. Can easily be mistaken for a hairy sloth.
Please watch Igors "kitty" while i finish my cigarette and coffee.
by roobbbby June 01, 2009
fat, obtuse, weird-type person. May sometimes be mistaken for an Ape.
Oh My god, what's that, is it an ape? no its an Igor, RUN!!!! <massive fart sounds>
by Ee-gOr July 28, 2003
see retard.
i can't move my right hand properly - igor
by ramjay July 27, 2003
the german immigrant in my civics class. Very very stupid. Very very tall.
SHIT! i wrote the literacy test in red pen! now the wont mark it!-Igor
by annon. November 04, 2004
A Serf a peasant, a person lacking any kind of rationality or commonsense, a little guy, el poco tico, a liar, a fool a dickless wonder.
Gary is such an igor.
by Bruce March 02, 2005
Igor is any under-appreciated manservant, or someone who feels like one. Often ugly and always witha lisp. A factotem who fetches wrenches and more brains.

Originally used in film as the manservant to Frankenstien helping him to create the monster...
'yes master, immediately master, Igor will fetch it for you master.. more braaiiins?'
by amonkey mcc October 05, 2004

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