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1) Idznak (originally spelt 'Idsnak') is one of Nordo's seven planets, all created by Arven, Hoborg's younger brother. It was initially home to only Skullmonkeys, though ample Blue Ynts were moved there by Rrs. It was temporarily overthrown by Klogg after his giant cannon shot him off of the Neverhood and onto it, and is where his grave resides due to Klaymen defeating him after being transported there. The events of the game 'Skullmonkeys' happen mainly on Idznak.

-Taken from the Neverhood Wiki page that I created ^^

2) The name of someone with a Neverhood obsessed friend (It's mee!)

Idznak is awesommmmee! Idznak Idznak Idznak IDZNAAAK!
by Idznak May 31, 2011