Term applied to someone thats bothering you or interruppting you while you try to accomplish something productive or important.To whine and complain about something you know will bug them and push their buttons automatically gets you an idge status.
"Why must you be such an idge when you see that I am busy?"
by Justo Gusto,Lord of the Gays October 08, 2009
Top Definition
Also known as, ray-idge, referring to, receiving sun to color one's melanin. During this act of bravery and pride, one may become more Bronze and Delicious. Idging may lead to massive amounts of cougars, babes, and gay men trying to sleep with you. Idge is a noun, adjective, adverb, and a way of life.
Don't get too much idge on your jaunt or it could fall off.

Lets get some idge.

Steve, you know you have to oil your jauntski to get better idge, right?

When i idge, i rub myself down with vegetable oil.

If jim gets any more idge i will fuck him.
by D-Bone, Phildo August 02, 2009
A derogitory term form people with decreased mental capacities.Commonly a mental midget,a person of extrordinary stupid common sense.
Of coarse I love you,don't be such an idge!Why do you always have to ask me?...Geeeez...
by Justo Gusto,Lord of the Gays October 08, 2009
Variation of idgit, and thereby idiot. One who possesses substandard skills. Something excellent to call your father when he is learning to play Halo.
Dad, you idge, stop throwing grenades at me!
by Rob Tanis February 24, 2008
word used @ end of word.
similar to aties off atude and other stuff like it
oi blud i got BEAR bitchidge in my caroff, come blud,bear bangaties awaits
by mofo ho January 24, 2004
a word used to complete every sentence
sharona says the word idge after everything: like huggieidge
by jerms March 25, 2003
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