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I don't get
idg you dawg
by bdluong May 26, 2010
Stands for I Don't Give A Shit, a common abbreviation which is used online.
Andrew: I just screwed your sister lol

Caleb: IDGS, shes a fuckin slut, enjoy your STD's.
by Bagelboy26 May 03, 2009
The response to "YDG?!" meaning, "I dig!"
"The Of Mice & Men album is supposed to drop in January, YDG?!"
by tFTW October 13, 2009
I dont give a shit

Person1: hey i got a skateboard today!

Person2: IDGS
by PYMPER7612 December 06, 2010
Intoxicated - Dumb - Girl.
Like when your at a party & there is a totally stupid drunk girl being sloppy.
Boy : I think im going to go to this sick party.
Girl : Oh eww, don't go there.

Boy : Why?
Girl : Cause there's ton of IDG's there!
by Poop Dick Mutha Fucka June 30, 2011
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