Very very good metal band although I find Blind guardian to be a step ahead. The collaboration cd they did together (Demons and Wizards)was damn awsome putting 2 of the best power metal bands in your hands together.
"whoa check this iced earth shit out its owning"
*Puts blind guardian cd in stereo*
by =DoW= June 02, 2004
Top Definition
The greatest metal band in history, keeping with them the way of classic metal along with a mix of 'hardcore' and 'New' metal qualities, allowing this band to be extremely aerodynamic with their work, also due to the fact that vocalists Jon Schaffer and Tim Owens don't scream at the top of their lungs, listeners are able to listen to the lyrics without having to go online to find out what they're saying, the way in which the instruments are played also is unique and non-repeditive, usually summing up to as much as three Solo's a song.
Iced Earth is by far the greatest metal band because you know what the hell is going on in their songs.
by Dante June 01, 2004
One badass metal band!! RIDE ON FIGHT ON STORM RIDER STORM RIDER!!!!!!!!
Iced Earth Fucking RULES!!
by Lord Mediocrity April 14, 2003
One of the very few true metal bands out there. Even better ; they're very talented. CDs like Days of Purgatory and The Glorious Burden (Anyone who claims to be a fan of true metal should proudly own The Glorious Burden, downloaded or bought.) prove that. It isn't nu metal, and it definitely isn't that 'hardcore' bullshit.
Iced Earth is one of those rare bands that show you that true metal is still alive and here to stay, even in today's age where shitacular music reigns supreme.
by GOERNR January 17, 2006
A sweet metal band
iced earth t-shirts are sweat
by jawshh March 06, 2004
The kind of shiz you hand bang to!
OMFG! ICED EARTH! *head bangs*
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
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