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IVS stands for itchy vagina syndrome. Some days your just itchy down there, it could be a disease or because you just haven't shaved in a few days but whatever the reason you just can't stop touching your vagina.
Emily, stop touching your vagina, do you have crabs?

No, I just have IVS!
by EJM July 01, 2007
15 8
Intertwined Vagina Sydrome- When a boyfriend and girlfriend spend so much time together that the guy grows a vagina and they become unseperable.
Good lord those two are connected at the hip. Nope they've just got IVS
by horsenutsmez February 28, 2012
6 2
"IVS" is an acronym that stands for Indestructible Vagina Syndrome. This is the name given to a woman that can be kicked in the crotch and be unharmed.
"Ha! I just kicked your vagina!"

"I have IVS, therefore, I am unhurt."

"Oh, shi-"
by Mistress 9 November 16, 2008
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