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"in the know" . . . only if you are truly ITN do you realize that the N stands for "know".
We went to this bar in Williamsburg that was so ITN it didn't have a name and you had to climb down through a hole in the sidewalk to get there.
by hoolia August 29, 2005
2 8
Another made-up acronym used to save time, which, in fact, costs people more time because they have to look up the definition of said acronym on the internet.

ITNS: "Is This Nigga Serious?"
"Ayo, lemme get $5"
"What does ITNS mean?"
"OSN. Look it up."
by HamTonks June 13, 2009
20 5
Internet acronym meaning "I think not."
"You know you want to show Gabe that picture of all the penises."
by ampersam November 28, 2004
8 1