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Another made-up acronym used to save time, which, in fact, costs people more time because they have to look up the definition of said acronym on the internet.

ITNS: "Is This Nigga Serious?"
"Ayo, lemme get $5"
"What does ITNS mean?"
"OSN. Look it up."
by HamTonks June 13, 2009
Internet acronym meaning "I think not."
"You know you want to show Gabe that picture of all the penises."
by ampersam November 28, 2004
"in the know" . . . only if you are truly ITN do you realize that the N stands for "know".
We went to this bar in Williamsburg that was so ITN it didn't have a name and you had to climb down through a hole in the sidewalk to get there.
by hoolia August 29, 2005
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