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I.T.F. (Eye-Tee-Ef) - Impossible to Fuck. Used to refer to a woman that is so unbelievably unattractive that when you finally drink enough to not give a shit you are suffering from whiskey-dick.

This term is not to be used lightly, when you call someone an ITF you are condemning them to a life of never being fucked by you.
"This club fucking sucks. We are surrounded by ITFs!"
by 0Mic April 16, 2008
In The Flesh. Used to describe things done in person instead of online. Compare IRL. Used in place of IRL to avoid implying that the internet is not real life.
I really love her, but we've only met ITF a few times.
by Sith Lord 13 November 19, 2010
In The Future
Everybody listens to David Byrne ITF
by GodIsAnMJ September 14, 2010
In The Flesh, a TV show produced by BBC three.
Storyline is set a current world, but where in 2009 everyone who had died in recent years had risen from the dead, after being treated with drugs most of 'zombies' are now living a normal life. The show follows Kieren Walker a PDS suffer (Partially Deceased Syndrome, aka one of the risen that is now taking the medicine) as he struggles to re-intergrade with society after the rising.
"Oh My God, did you see ItF last night?"
"Yes, wasn't amazing, I loved the bit when Kieren finds out Rick is back!"
" Yer, me too, ItF is the best!"
by Fangirlxxx May 30, 2014
"Intent To Fap". Used when exploring the internet/creeping on people of interest.
Remember that girl we saw in class? I just found her facebook. creeping with ITF.
by blarghishmehargy June 27, 2011
"In Transit For:"

Similar to "c/o", used in mailing address.
Bob Saget
ITF Margaret Thatcher
1234 White Street, Citytown, ON
A1A 2B2
by pseudonym009 August 20, 2009
1."International Taekwon-do Federation".
2."International Tennis Federation"
3.short for saying "in the forest" in a role playing game.
tkd guy1: "Hey! so what style of taekwon-do are you?
tkd guy2: "itf!"
tkd guy1: ", that's traditional. I do WTF!
tkd guy2: "That's nice!" *thinks to self* World tkd= more of a sport.
2.(skips) don't feel like doing example
3.Krazen256: "Do you know where I could find monsters that give lots of $$$?"
Blazeknit: "um itf NW from the main capital in Vangal kingdom!"
Krazen256: "thx!"
And little does Krazen know, it was a lie! XD
by some_unknown_criminal April 25, 2007

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