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An IT manager, IT technician or IT support officer who uses air cans to clear filthy dust out of dirty old PC's, thus contaminating the office air for all non-IT staff to have to inhale.
Kevin the IT Dust Monkey says
"This laptop is over-heating, I think it's because of dust contamination around the CPU and cooling fans. I am going to use my magic air cans to remove the dust."

Nigel says
"That's not healthy". That means you and your colleagues are going to have to inhale filthy dust full of skin cells, dust mites, pet hair, micro-organisms and general filth. Can't you keep a vacuum cleaner close by - at a sufficient distance to prevent causing static but close enough to capture the disturbed dust, do it outdoors or in a well ventilated area?"

Kevin says, in typical IT Dust Monkey style - nothing - and caries on spraying dust all over the office.
by CheekyChappy November 23, 2011
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