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Deligate for the Scottish national society for the protection of cruelty to alpacas. currently in excile for the mass defecation on the scottish parlement doorstop.
that irn is a genius, saving those scared alpacas. shame about the poo
by ? October 07, 2003
I'd Rather Not Say
Am I Pretty? - Samantha
IRNS- Josh
by Julio Boss 415 August 03, 2008
The IRN, or Inhuman Rebel Nation, is a little known paramilitary cult operating on the east coast. Though they are not necessarily anti-government, it has been thought that they support ecoterrorism. Aside from that, little is known about their beliefs and/or activities.
"Are you in the IRN?"
"I've never heard of the IRN."
"The IRN is a mysterious organization."
by the XO January 12, 2006