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A chat that is not t3h sux0r.

I mean, would I lie to you?

Beware the script kiddies.
Yay! Instant Messanger is broken, so I'll use IRC instead.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
11 15
A way to chat. It is used by gamers alot. People act like they wouldnt in real life
Some people on IRC are fags.. especially people named N-|Crandle|- (lol)
But most of em are pretty cool
by Fury1671 December 10, 2003
11 16
Inmate reception center. Where people under arrest go to get booked.
Ramons first trip to IRC was uneventful.
by Leon February 27, 2003
12 18
Internet Relay Chat used by many feared by some heh...
Yo johnny get on irc an leech them movies
by tragidy April 28, 2003
10 17
Series of real-time text communication channels where people congregate to ask each other why no-one's saying anything interesting without realising it's because they are fuckwits who have nothing worthwhile to say to each other
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
13 21
A coillition of crack heads in one place. normal a chat server or room on a chatserver, crack heads are dangerour animal do not taunt them... they may decide to get nasty and hax0r your micr0wave through its built in secret government requested ftp client.
man this place has more crackheads than an irc chatroom!
by akbar-the-friendly-jew September 29, 2002
11 21
cant u see im haxing all day on irc
i connect to my leet irc servar and join my botnet channel and syn flood teh haters!!
by wheresthebeach November 02, 2003
8 20