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Awesome, radical, and various other early 90's surfer-slang words are synonyms. Usually used in conjunction with "hella."
Dude, remember when you ran into that kid and killed him? Yeah, that shit was hella savage.
by cunt April 07, 2003
I request contact

For all you "n00bs," it's just a chatroom but 1337ers don't admit this because it makes them feel like less of a loser. It's a dumbass waste of time chatroom where people can pretend be something they're not bitching about politics all the while thinking that their opinions matter. People who use this usually lack personality so they don't leave their house. Also a really bad way to waste time.
After I caught my friend using IRC, I instantly bodyslammed him through the staircase.
by cunt May 06, 2006

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