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Intimate Partner Violence--term used in law enforcement to describe violence between persons involved in a sexual or other intimate relationship. Does not necessarily connote marriage or any other form of long term relationship, as might be the case with "domestic violence" and related terms.
"In one instance, a woman that a man had met and brought home the night before called the police while he was in the shower the next morning. The police showed up and arrested him for IPV based solely on her word, like the good little blue-suited thugs that they are, and while he was cooling his heels in jail, she cleaned out his apartment and disappeared. It just never ends, does it?"
by higamus August 22, 2012
IPV is short for Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation which is a breathing treatment used to help remove secretions.

It can be administered by a mouthpiece, mask, or endotracheal/tracheostomy tube.
A fine aerosol of medication is breathed in, and another part of the medication is percussed into the patient's lungs, so that he can clear them by the cough assist machine, coughing up secretions, and/or suctioning.
1. The patient who has SMA uses IPV, and is very healthy usually with IPV.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010

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