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IPMS is a keyboard shorthand-acrynm for "I Pissed MySelf." It is used instead of or with relation to terms like "lol, lmao, and rofl"

Usually used in response to something funny.
Person 1: ....so the proctologist says 'rectum (wreacked him) damn near killed him!

person 2: IPMS
by pbfrank January 02, 2010

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abriviation for Imaginary PMS
"dude she is being a bitch today, is she raggin"
"No she's got IPMS"
by JT February 22, 2005
Stands for Information Processing and Management. If you can survive the deadly cold temperature, then IPM is the most wonderful school subject in the world. In this subject you can play computer games, browse internet, even send viruses to your buddy's directory. As long as the teacher doesn't notice of course.
We got IPM next? Hell yeah, free time!
by rinserepeat February 01, 2005