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In My Non-Humble Opinion

IMNHO is a stronger statement than IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) as it makes no excuse for its point of view.

My opinion -- No humility.
"Did you see the local news last night?"

"IMNHO local news isn't worth watching"
by PixelWrangler November 15, 2011
in my notso humble opinion
you are an idiot, imnho
by November 16, 2002
Short for In My No Homo Opinion. Used when a straight male needs to give another straight male some sort of fashion, dating, or otherwise generally effeminate advice.
"Dude, should I dye my hair brown?"

"No, IMNHO it looks better blonde."
by John WK May 14, 2007
In My No Homo Opinion
(12:16:59 PM) sb: hey do you think I could pull off cutting my hair really really short and fading designs into it?
(12:17:06 PM) j***********r: No.
(12:17:21 PM) j***********r: IMNHO you look way better with longish shaggy hair.
by fatlip May 13, 2007
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