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An acronym for "Kick in the dick"
Example 1: "Can you believe my plane was delayed by four hours?!" "Oh well, that's better than a kitd"

Example 2: "How did the exam go?" "It was a massive kitd"
by LEV March 08, 2013
To have some sort of sexual interraction with a member of the opposite sex (or indeed same sex, depending on your orientation), but not go the whole mile and have actual intercourse.
"What did you do after you left the Hogs Head, Matt?"
"I was pretty drunk mate, I had to walk home via the bus stop"
by Lev January 23, 2006
Absolutely Broken. Completely unrepairable, replacement is the only option. From the Cable boxes from Telewest in the UK that display 88.88 when the CPU dies; when the engineer shows up, he invariably rubs his chin and says "oooh... Double-eight."
Oh, blimey, my Renault 11 is double-eight. Some scallywag took it down the forest and burnt it out.
by Lev November 05, 2005
hell yeah that's right. IMI are th pimps. yeah yeah. what up homie.
everyone loves us aint that right russiankgb. da IMI is da best and could beat all yall homies.
by Lev June 22, 2004

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