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Internet contraction for In My Experience; Used to explain a statement that is based upon the life of, or the experiences of the speaker. More forceful than YMMV.
NooB:"So are the rules broken in this example of play?"
CovertWalrus:"IME the rules work fine even if they slow down the game a bit. But YMMV, some people think so."
by D F Stuckey November 10, 2004
A state of self-absorbtion or a self-absorbing person, usually of female persuasion; who cares, talks and writes about nothing else but herself. Usually starts conversations and emails with "I" and whose subjects solely revolve around the words "I" and "me". Thus, "I" + "me" = "Ime".
"Kathy is such am Ime when we try to decide what to do for the evening. If it isn't what she wants we don't do it".

Once again Tina's war and peace email screams Ime. Why can't she leave it be?

by Roland819 November 23, 2006
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