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I have a customer ...
IHAC with a problem.

--> I have a customer with a problem
by Shrug_ March 04, 2011

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customer i_h_a_c i-h-a-c i.h.a.c.
acronym: I Hate Ashlee Club.

An organisation who are dedicated to hating Ashlee.

Established in early 2003.
First President: Fran.
Number 1 Ticket holder: Ryan.
Members: too many to count.
iHac is fuckin' boss.
by kjiing July 11, 2004
ihAc is the abbreviation for the I HATE ASHLEE CLUB. There are many reasons to hate ASHLEE...
1. You dont know the real (insert namr here)!
2. No you are!
3. Faggot head!

Add more if you like!
by fran July 11, 2004