Internet Faggotry Syndrome, or IFS for short, is where a seemingly normal human being IRL becomes a total faggot online. They transform themselves entirely, much as Optimus Prime does.
Person with IFS:

IRL: Hey man let's go back to my place and watch the game, I hope the (local team name here) win!

On the web: lol! do u want to come over n watch the game? lmao its gona b such a kewl game! lol
by habs.fan January 19, 2008
Top Definition
(1) International Federation of Science
(2) Ickle Fickle Sassykins

(3) A natural phenomenon where the concentrated levels of black sass within an area exceed 75%.
Oh dang, look at that! It's an IFS!

Bro, I work for the IFS.

Hey, what's up IFS?
by Dichlorodiphen February 11, 2015
Independant Front Suspension.
I keep breaking my cv axles with this damn independant front suspension.
by muthafukin July 13, 2005
Incredibly Fucking Stupid
This acronym is commonly used in internet forums and chat rooms.

"How do you know if water is wet?"

by Lookit January 23, 2009
abbreviation of "Irritating Fucking Scotsman"
My god, look at that fire crotch, and an IFS to boot!
by amotiser August 25, 2010
I fucking suck.
Ufs, ifs, we all fucking suck.
by earinlololol December 06, 2008
I fuckin swear
ifs i saw this here before
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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