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One who very frequently engages in the penetration of anuses; chocolate starfish puncher
"Hey dude, better keep your back against the wall in the showers today"
"Randy went into the locker room a few minutes ago"
"Thanks for the heads-up. I heard he's a real bum dart champion"
by Lookit February 11, 2009
A corporate greedy mother fucker, who doesn't give a crap about struggling families, or anyone else, except his own ass, and the stinking bottom line.

A complete waste of human flesh, who refuses to give back to the people and communities he got rich off of.
A treasonous son-of-a-bitch.
A fucking parasite.

Corporate fucker = Corpofucker
Dalton McGuinty, the premier of Ontario, Canada, is a lying, callous, and treasonous corpofucker bastard. 'Nuff said!
by Lookit February 25, 2011
One who likes to insert his penis into anuses; ass pirate; dumper bumper.
"See that girl Kerry? She's walking a bit funny"
"Yeah, she went out with Nathan last night"
"Oh yeah? I heard he's a chocolate starfish puncher"
by Lookit January 23, 2009
Incredibly Fucking Stupid
This acronym is commonly used in internet forums and chat rooms.

"How do you know if water is wet?"

by Lookit January 23, 2009

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