an acronym for the words "In Before Ban".

used mostly on gaming and anime forums.

if someone with tons of posts says this in response to you, kiss yo ass goodbye!
when someone is spamming muchly, just type this - IBB!!! and IBL!!!
by Anorion May 18, 2004
Top Definition
I'll be back.
A tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger and popular internet slang abbreviation.
*Man about to leave classroom*
by N 2the eighbor February 10, 2009
I'll be back,
used when length of time one will be away from an area is undefined, mainly a substitute for brb when it isn't appropriate.
Example Person #1 says: Hey you goin' to the movies with us tonight?
Example Person #2 says: Maybe, oh wait mom's calling me, ibb
Example Person #1 says: K, IM me when you get back.
by Wincrest December 20, 2006
"I'll Be Back"
No, not the terminator way.

When you're online and you're going away from the computer and you:
A) Don't know how long you're going for
B) Be gone for a while

In short, a way of saying brb but if you're going for an undetermined/long time.
jkfjsdkfkld says:
Ibb, gonna go take a nap
jjskfhsdj says:

klfjfslksdg says:
Ah, my mums calling me, ibb
sdkfldsfjk says:
your mum is gay.
I'll be back is a longer form than brb, cause brb means up to 10 min and I'BB means everything that takes longer
Tom: I'BB my mom calls for dinner
Jenny: k tyt
by rexsly January 19, 2009
I'll Be Back, IBB instead of BRB.

Chatroomguy1:Hey I gotta go but I'll be back.
Chatroomguy2:Why didn't you just say IBB?
Chatroomguy1:What does IBB mean?
Chatroomguy2:It means I'll be back, it's just easier to say IBB, so next time you have to leave but will be right back just say that, we will know what you're talking about.
Chatroomguy1:Ok, IBB.

by Perkoff September 18, 2007
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