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A general statement of praise intended for a male. Popularized by the film "Finding Forrester" in which Sean Connery triumphantly and uncharacteristically exclaims that his pupil is now 'the man'. Subsequently immortalized on the website www.yourethemannowdog.com. One of the most bizarre 'tributes' on the internet.
You have achieved some degree of success. You're the man now, dog!
by Cal February 21, 2004
1. one who does not set trends, but only follows them and bleeds all originality out of them.

this is especialyl true in the graphic design scene.
by cal June 24, 2003
To change the subject of conversation, especially with reference to silly cats
Bridget will you marry me?

Oh look at the silly cats!
by cal June 06, 2004
The female version of male version of "Dude". He's a dude and she's a dudette.
Three of my favorite dudettes were swinging down the street.
by Cal August 29, 2004
Throwing old junk off of the roof of a building, usually a frat house or office building.
John's old playstation didn't work anymore, so we rooftested that fucker.
by Cal July 19, 2003
"Icy Burberry Bitch"

A bitch so cold that she not only refuses to acknowledge your presence but pretends that you don't even exist.
Noticing that we were approaching, the IBB quickly put on her sunglasses and headphones because she was that much better than us.
by Cal May 23, 2004
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