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Get Down form there!
I said no can be used as:

part of an imperative sentence- Whose jar of 'I said no' is that lying on the humidifier?

part of an exclamatory sentence- You stole my can of 'I said no', you slutty little bitch!

part of a declaritive statement- "I said no!" came the Iraqi soldiers muffled battlecry.


as a verb- Matt Cauchy I SAID NO'D over the bush.

as an adjective- "Honey, you look very I SAID NO tonight. Can we fuck now?"

as an adverb- He ran I SAID NO'EDLY over to the sandlot.

a noun modifying a verb- I SAID NO was swimming in the sea.

as a geographic location- "have you ever been to I SAID NO, Alaska?" Said one inuit boy to another.
"Nah." said the other. "But isn't that near the pest-intolerant village of Nagheenarnarjaar?"
"Yes, I believe it is."
by liberalwizardtyler July 02, 2008
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