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Another way of saying "I am".

Popular in ebonics.
I is an independent black woman, I do whateva the fuck I want!
by TJM91 May 17, 2009
IIS stands for Internet Information Service.
IIS is Microsoft's http and asp webserver. Said to be very unstable, I cannot prove that. Supports various Add-Ons such as PHP.
IIS & Apache are 'rivals'
IIS is used much less than Apache
For Windows Only.
'I host my website on IIS.'
by Omni-Zero August 08, 2005
A stupid version of "I am".
i is banned from my friends house.
by Spuh-am Man, the guy awesome October 03, 2010
When people on facebook don't get rid of the is when they type something that doesn't need an "is"
I is having a sleep over at 5.
by Deonovan August 28, 2008