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The I/S is a chat board on Noepets in which stands for “Idea/Suggestion”. Its pretty much the chillest board there is, and everyone there is pretty mellow. There are around Three classes on the I/S. The first class consists of The King and Queen, Walker and Fluffy, and then there are Sess, Allie, Alex, Lauren, Pavel, Stevo, Chibi, Zaf, Freddy, Nora, Aly, Bridget, Reese, Star, Kace, Marina, Fwee, and Misti. The second class citizens are as followed: David, Mindy, Dessy, Luke, Teagues, All the Gabys, Mustang, and a bunch of others that I don’t really care to name. The third class is just everyone else who comes on. The current I/S couples are Walker and Allie who will be getting married soon and Lauren and Alex!!! The I/S is a pretty cool place to be, when you know your ways around the boards. If you go down the wrong street, you can fall into an alley way and get beat up, don’t you know. Your pretty hot stuff if you’re accepted into the first class of the I/S!
sess: hey sup i/s ur king is speaking
Walker: No, I don't think i was speaking!
by shtupshtoopnomla December 31, 2008
The best board on neopets?
i/ser def defs:
fwee: i/s god (by nora)
nora: i/s scene kid
misti: i/s weirdo (by nora)
stevo/alae/alex: i/s mexicans (by nora)
sess: i/s stupid (by nora)
choco: i/s negro (by nora)
lauren: i/s lez freak (by nora)
pavel: i/s nerdy ginger (by nora)
star: i/s boring (by nora)
fluffy: i/s mullet (by nora)
rina: i/s idk (by nora)
chandler: i/s man/woman
sess: i am i/s stupid
nora: gross i hate u
chandler: shut up sceney mcgee
by superdollaz September 01, 2008
The best board on, also containing the most wonderful chick ever, gaby (gabs)
n00b: hdjhjkgjhgkd
Gaby: *ninja kicks because she is awesome*
rest of i/s: ily gabs
by happybirthdaygabsloveteagues July 23, 2009
The King of All Boards; the I/S' coat of arms consists of a Shield with a Vulture eating a Man symbolizing the victory of Ignorance over Knowledge, and Animal Instinct over Moral Values, which are the bases of I/S behavior; also, a lightbulb shines above, symbolizing the Enlightment that I/Sers suffer when spending a lot of time on the boards. The I/S is a popular board in Neopets, and probably the worst and most useless of all, because TNT doesn't give a shit about Ideas or Suggestions, they just make shit up. The I/S is goverend by Queen Regnant Fluffy and King Consort Sess, both self-proclaimed, although I/Sers would give their life to protect either. This wonderful place is full of retards and some cool kids, known as I/Sers; however, many of the old school I/Sers have left neo, and may come back some day, but they might already have a life. The list of official I/S cool kids varies from person to person, but i'll try to list some, also note that some of them don't go on anymore: Myles, Lovegood, Radar, Sam, Benny, Person, Chibi, Snow, Fluffy, Kookie, Daphne, Misti, Stevo, Kyle, Person, Sondra, Lamb, Ela, Silence, Chib, Jacob, Zaf, Marina, Choco, Andrew, Sock, Pavel, Sess, Lamb, Matty, Greyson, Tms, . The boards, or threads, are usually about the meaninglessness of life, moral subjects, culinary appreciation, romantic suicides, and soul topics. There have many milestones in the history of the I/S, including several battles, important days and such; like the War against the OW, the NW, the EMS, F-Day (Also know as the Day the Filters Went Down). There are two official I/Stv Newscasts, one by Kyle, and one by Stevo, you can look them up on Youtube. If you're a cool kid, don't waste your time! Go to the I/S now, lurk a little, post occasionally and chat with the cool kids, don't be pretentious, and eventually you'll be liked.

The I/S also makes occasional Stickam parties.
I/Ser: hay guys
newb: this is for ideas or suggestions ONLY
I/Ser: piss off
by jorge ruiz aka stevo August 22, 2008
The Ideas/Suggestions board on he popular site, or as its more commonly called, "The Anus of". This board is usually jam-packed with board like "plz tnt read this" or other random bullshit suggestions to TNT. Even though TNT never reads these suggestions and really don't give two fucks what you have to say, the little gremlins of I/S continue to post these boards in hopes that their dream paintbrush will soon be created.

The males that chat on this board are usually gay or bisexual and are usually stuckup pricks. A great example of this is a young dickweed named Matty who is indeed, gay, and has a 30 year old boyfriend. The male regulars of I/S are as follows: Pavel (King of I/S whether he likes it or not), Sess, Greyson, Matty, and Andrew.

The females of I/S are usually a little more polite but don't expect to go there as a new person and be welcomed with open arms. The popular "Zaf" will scare you away. :) The only nice female who chats on the I/S is Star, but she doesn't really provide the entertainment that the others provide. Some of the popular females are as follows: Fluffy (self proclaimed "Queen" of I/S), Star, Zaf, Kace/Marina, Dlyan/Tms,Bridget, Sock/Nora/Scnep, and Choco.

The current I/S couple is Choco and Andrew, more commonly known as Andrex (Andrew + Alex(Choco's real name)).
The regulars of I/S used to refer to themselves as I/Sers but that term has slowly died.

The I/S also serves as a punchbag to the other boards of Neopia. It is becoming a target for raids and spam wars from the Neopian Writers board, NW.

I/Sers don't tag their boards, because if you do, Fluffy will probably e-kick your ass.

I/Ser 1: Hey I chat on the I/S board. :)
NWer: *spams you*
I/Ser 2: *smax u*
by $3$$ May 09, 2008
Ideas/Suggestions board on Neopets. Usually filled with idiots who actually think TNT gives a shit about their suggestions because they suck. Apart from them, the people who are "regs" and are on every day and acknowledge the fact that TNT doesn't give a shit are the I/Sers. Average age, 14. Most don't have lives and/or have some form of depression. Kind of like EMS, but with actual real-life problems.

I/Sers use ~squiggly lines~ alot and say "lul" and usually have an "I/S Pride" sign on their lookup, (Created by Lovegood) after a recent "war" with the NW, so you can easily tell the non-I/Sers from the ~I/Sers~.
The "new i/sers" usually try to tag their boards and have on their lookup "I chat at the I/S. I hate you" and are hated by most for wanting to be something all the I/Sers hate to be considered.

Scenesters aren't usually welcome at I/S because 99.9% or the time the pictures they post aren't even of them, and they're lame retards. They are usually herded to EMS by Nutri.

Most I/Sers also communicate through other means besides neopets. Such as MSN and Myspace.

I/Sers don't tag their boards because it's retarded to do so.

Vitz owns us.
Board: So today was so stupid~
Board: Man, I need a life
Board: Cool idea for a paintbrush!!
Board: I am making an omelette
Board: I have a suggestion. ^^
Board: ~Vitz rulez~~

Some I/Sers include: Lovegood, Nutri, Misti, Sam, Stevo, Radar, Chibi, Jacob, Snow, Kookie, Fluffy, Kyle, Daphne, Air, etc.
by an I/Ser January 12, 2007
Ideas/Suggestions board on neopets is known as the I/S. This board is rarely filled with ideas/suggestions because I/Sers know that TNT isn't going to do anything; They really couldn’t care less what kind of paintbrushes you think there should be. There are, however, "regs" that post everyday. The average age of an I/Ser ranges from twelve and up. Although the most common age is 13-14.

Most I/Sers will have an I/S pride sign in their lookup, which was made by Lovegood. There are many new people to the Ideas/Suggestions board, who call themselves regs or I/Sers. These are easy to distinguish because they'll tag their threads and have somewhere on their lookup "I chat on the I/S". Many of these also add scene pictures of themselves which usually turn out to be fake.

Recently there have been newscasts titled "I/S news", made by Kyle. These can be found on youtube, and are quite funny. Also there have been I/S polls. The best I/S couple goes to: Lovetri. (Nutri and Lovegood). It's not like we didn't see that one coming.

Most I/Sers do not merely chat through the neoboards, but have AIM, MSN, LJ or deviantart. "Aloneathome" chat has also become popular. Another trend on the I/S is to lurk. Occasionally you'll see one of them post, but that is rare. Many I/Sers lurked before posting on the boards, including myself.
Some I/Sers: Myles, Lovegood, Radar, Sam, Benny, Person, Chibi, Snow, Fluffy, Kookie, Daphne, Misti, Stevo, Kyle, Person, Sondra, Lamb, Ela, Silence, etc.
by I/S Pride. January 26, 2007
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