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misti a hot, intelligent, sexy young individual. usally more girls tend to have this name then boys but there are exceptions. decribes a very pretty individaul heart and soul !!
misti is anyone with a fantastic smile n a great eyes... wow shes misti !!
by kareena115 May 30, 2007
Misti is anyone with a great smile and eyes. Always bringing the fun into the group. Very talkative and always is speaking her mind. Misti has a good body and is great in bed. Anyone who is named Misti is loved by everyone. Out going, loving, funny and fun to be around. Misti knows how to eat and loves cooking. Misti is awesome.
Anyone with a good smile, wow she's Misti.
by Skaterdood111 April 15, 2012
Misti is a smart, loving woman who has a big heart and loves to cuddle. Misti is a woman who is strong and powerful. Misti is always looking for that Special guy who will treat her right and respect her. She doesn't realize yet that the man she is looking for is already in her life.

Misti can be referred to sometimes as "cookie" or "cookie Monster"
Me: Hey
Misti: Hi
Me: How are you?
Misti: Good
Me: Do you like wanna Hang out or Something?
Misti: You mean like a date?
Me: Yeah Sure, like a date.
Misti: Sounds like fun!
by SouthUrban August 18, 2014