Said unenthusiastically by a guy about a girl he finds particularly attractive.
-Vanessa's got pretty nice ass huh?
-Uhhh, not really...
-I'd hit it.
by ShoopKiller February 09, 2005
if a girl is hot, OF COURSE YOU'D HIT IT. there is no need to say you'd hit it unless the person you say it to might not agree.
<fucktard> "Wow, she's stacked! I'd hit it!"
<lesser retard> "i can clearly see that she is stacked, so you really didn't need to say whether or not you'd hit it because it's so obvious that you would"
<fucktard> teh vernacular omg teh vernacular omg wtf bbq
by anonymous March 30, 2005
to want a mcdonalds double cheeseburger.

i am not a representative of mcdonalds. no really. im not.
"mmm... a double cheeseburger. i'd hit it!"
by mr. not mcdonalds February 09, 2005
Referring to the back of a woman's uterus being struck with the penis.
Damn! I'd Hit It!

check her out. I'd Hit It.
by Bling Man December 09, 2005
the #1 way in the world to get bitchslapped by a woman
Sakura: Naruto, do I look hot or what?
Naruto: I'd hit it.
(Sakura punches Naruto)
Tsunade: I taught her everything I know.

from Konoha Park 2
by sB129 March 15, 2008
To use an object to inhale smoke, as a bong.
If you put a couple of holes in that pop can, I'd hit it.
by Peter MacDonald December 31, 2003

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