A phrase that originally meant I would engage in sexual congress with that female.

It has also evolved to mean I would get with that regarding inanimate objects like cars or shoes.
Black GTO.. I'd hit it.
Goodlooking woman.. I'd hit it.
by JMongreal June 30, 2009
1) Used to express someone's want to have sexual relations with "it"

2) McDonald's new slogan
1) Damn brah! Check out that fine peice of ass over there. I'd hid it all night long.

2) Double cheeseburger? I'd hit it. I'm a dollar menu guy.
by IAMTOM February 07, 2005
Fuck the person.
Hell, I'd Hit it!
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
a term that means "i would like to insert my penis into the vaginal cavity of that female."
me(after seeing hardbody at the gym): DAMN NIGGA! I'd hit it!!! if she wears a mask.
by clevelandsteamer August 26, 2005
What guys who really dont get poontang say when they see something they definitly cant get
Geek #1- Britney Spears, I'd hit it
Realist- Of course you would, the last shit you hit was your mom
by Ryan Silva January 22, 2006
1: I'd hit it; literally
2: I'd hit it; sexually
picture of a beautiful/sexy person
I'd hit it......TWO TIMES.

picture of an ugly person
I'd hit it......with a baseball bat.

Yarr, I'd be hitting it.
by Gorash June 07, 2003
a cliche term used on fark.com forums in describing the sexual desirability of someone.
Lindsay Lohan, I'd hit it.
by plorqk February 11, 2005

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