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I don't give a shit is a popular phrase to be used when you are not interested in what someone else says or believes. It implies that you don't even care enough to physically give them a sample of your fecal matter.
Gamer 1#: Dude your computer sucks, you shell out $2000 for a kicass rig, and still run it on a piece of shit CRT monitor.

Gamer 2#:Well that may be but honestly, I don't give a shit.
by Lime Lynx March 29, 2007
The most polite and courtesy way of telling someone to leave you alone.
some poser asshole: Well like, I was at the mall and like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...


poser jizzmonger: *walks away crying*
by gadgase January 11, 2006
We say or use this phrase when we don't care or are not interested in what someone says or does.
Bryan:guys,i have bought a new car

worth 7 million.
Ryan:i don't give a shit about your car.
by Greek knight November 06, 2013
The act of not caring about something.
-Derp: Hey, can you go clean up th--
-Herp: I don't give a shit.*Flies away*
by M364 November 02, 2013
When you just dont care, could also be paired with I dont give a fuck
I don't give a shit, cause i don't give a fuck, and if i gave a shit, i might just give a fuck, but i don't give a shit so i don't give a fuck
by alucardsbish November 15, 2013