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A Huppy is an environmentally conscious Yuppie. Like their parents from the 80's they are upper middle class, high end car owners, have one child, frequent wine tastings and support local entrepenuers.

But Huppies drive hybrids, eat only organic foods, are aware of their carbon footprints, have solar panels on their roof, have their own compost heaps, support local artists, and listen to folk and world music.
That country club is full of Huppy(s).
#hippie #yuppie #granola #organic #green
by chaandani January 09, 2010
a couple of cool people preferably from texas and/or florida.

can also be used as "huppies"
"You huppy"

"Bye huppy"

#huppies #huppy #huppppy #awesome #fourhourconversations
by thomaskristen April 22, 2008
A Huppy is a tall gangly boy with really white skin and freckles. He also has blue eyes and big puffy hair.
"Oh, look at him... isn't he cute? He is such a Huppy."
by FifAvanoo November 30, 2004
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