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My honey, my handsome baby, my sexy lover and a piece of heaven.
For Jazmin Sanchez to call you her hunn, you're a special one! Smile ;)
by jazzsann January 04, 2014

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Sexiest man alive. He has beautiful sexy eyes and the most perfect smile you've ever seen n he has amazingly hot jaw porn n the best sexiest EARS you'll ever see and he has sexy hair that blows in the wind. He has the most buff sexy body ever. Huge boobs n sexy juicy butt and sexyyy tummy n the V!! soo hot. he has cute ticklish feet n the biggest hottest buff arms that you just want to lick all over. He's got the sexiest voice so when you're talking to him you go into fantasy land and feell gooooood. Ryan is super cute and adorable n makes his wife laugh n smile 25/8. n yes WIFE... hes taken forever so everyone else, i know he is super sexy, but hes MINE so back off
Ryan is Amanda's hunn
by chipmunklovesmonkey March 10, 2010