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The most amazing person you will ever meet.

Very lovable, forgiving, and incredibly crazy.
Loves to party.
Loves to have a good time.

Independent, and doesn't give a shit
what other people think.

Often speaks her mind.
Falls in love a little too quickly,

but can fall out just as fast.

One of the greatest people you will ever meet.

Best friend material.

Very trusting, you can tell her anything.
Girl: You're a stupid bitch!
Jazmin: Yeah, I know. But you're a slut .. so fuck you :)
by shatlicker13 February 04, 2010
the purest and finest of things mostly related to a female
yo look at jazmin son, she for sure lives up to the name
by don yo December 12, 2007
cute lazy ass bear that loves her sleep, although mean and aggressive in the beginning you must work hard for her love and affection for her to open up to you.
Aww man i wish my girl was more like jazmin
by r jizzle dizzle August 21, 2010
An extremely hott girl that likes to locomote (move) around as much as possible to seduce another guy;

A Jazmín might also be involved in activities that keep her slim and looking sexy such as running, cheerleading, crunches, etc...
Guy 1: "Wow look at the way she moves! That's definitely a Jazmín!"
by UrbanDictionaryRox1234 May 25, 2009
A word describing a beautiful, silly, and free-spirited person. People use this word to also describe a young humorous and friggin fan-freaken-tastic chick! She's synonymous to amazing and dorky, as well as loyal and "one-in-a-million".
Damn! You totally look and act like a Jazmin!!

Girl, you are totally dorky, you remind me of a Jazmin.
by berlyners July 30, 2011
Jazmin is extremely sexy. She is confident, quirky, unique and all around amazing. She has one of the most funniest humors you will ever hear. Her body is to die for and her tan is too niggah! She has quite odd taste in men but what ever floats her boat. She is bootylicious and has amazing hair. She is the best friend quality you will ever have. She is feisty at times but that is why you will love her.
Person 1: Wait.... You go out with jazmin..?
Person 2: Damm Right!
by Mrs. Poesy November 29, 2011
Jazmin is a pretty girl who is easy to like. She makes friends really easily and care about them. She is always there for you. She is a very funny person. She will be your best friend. She is a very smart person. So if you know her try be with her the most. Don't miss the fun!!!
Jazmin is my best friend or I like Jazmin cause she is funny
by Happy emoji January 03, 2015

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