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Derived from the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes, Humie is often used by the Orks to refer to Humans, (Imperial Guard or Space Marines). It is not necessarily in a derogatory tone but being orks, it usually is.

This may also be employed by ork fans in other fantasy or sci-fi games where Orks / Orcs are a playable race along with Humans, such as World of Warcraft, (though officially in the lore, WoW Orcs do not really talk like that).
Dem humies be wantin' a fight, we'll giv 'em a fight!

More humies for stompin'! I wantz da teef, don' touch da teef!
#humie #human #ork #orc #warhammer
by KrazyMonkey March 06, 2012
A human being. Used sometimes in World of Warcraft by other races, as a derogatory term.
"I just saw a humie rogue enter Orgrimmar... he'll get pwned by the guards in a sec".
#humie #world #of #warcraft #wow #human
by Elrendarra June 03, 2009
a combination of "homie" and "honey" used for your best friend in a funny non sexual way
"dude are we hanging out today?"-alex
"of course humie"-ruben
#homie #honey #buddy #brosef #bff
by hammerhead1212 April 14, 2010
1. n. Like "homie," only, ten billion times nerdier. Almost as nerdy as a humanities student calling another his or her "homie," not that s/he would ever do that, because they have refined it to be "humie." Thusly, I give you the glories that are.... HUMIES.
"What are you doing Saturday night, nerd? Studying the counter-reformation on wikipedia?"

"Ew, no. That's Friday. Saturday night, I'm rollin' with my humies."
#humanities #nerd #geek #homie #centennial high school
by BestSkeptic January 01, 2006
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