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Oral sex preformed on a male. Also see blowjob.
She took him into the room and gave him a humding.
by Shawn Maglicic December 18, 2005
to smell bad
man, that guy at the gum, proper humdings

man that guy at the gym is proper humdinging

dude you got any deodorant, i am humdinging
by jazzuk1 November 06, 2009
a girl who is ugly as f**k
mate, she is seriously hum ding
by buzz May 27, 2004
1. the foulest most disgusting butt wrenching smell to ever go around.
2. an ugly fat biatch (humdinger)
1. "Pwoooaaar! That girls made a humding!!"
2. "Pwoooaaar! That girls a humdinger!!"
by Gemmily; March 13, 2007
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