A person who appears to be extremely attractive from a long distance away.

As they get closer towards you their physical attractiveness is non existent.
"Who's that guy talking to Jess? He's so hot!"

(Slowly they walk closer to Jess and her male friend)

"oh...my...g....he's so hugly, quick just turn around now before they see us!"
#hot #ugly #disappointment #unfortunate #run
by callcentregirlaustralia September 20, 2011
Hugly. This person is found to have an extremely hot personality but the appearence is rather...ugly. There for, you combine the two words to have 'hugly' thus saving your breathe.
Persona 1: "Man, he has a hot personality...too bad he's uglier than the Elephant Man." (of course not to the extent)
Persona 2: "You mean Hugly?" o_0;
Persona 1: "...Sure."
#hot #ugly #personality #hugly #fugly
by xunderestimatedx April 18, 2007
1. so ugly it would make you heave (retch)
2. so ugly that you want to throw up on the offending person or object.

"They were so h-ugly, I nearly spit my lunch!"
#ha-ugly #huh-ugly #hugly #ho-ugly #he-ugly
by derwood January 04, 2006
Have. You. Gotten. Laid. Yet?

see fugly and bugly
Ughhhh. Damn, hugly!
by ggG-Unit April 08, 2005
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