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Term refering to what choice you make as to what to do with a mouthful of male love juice.
Either way you are a cocksucking slut.
by PeeBee February 29, 2004
To have sex while in a horizontal position.
You can do it in a bed
You can do it on a sled
You can do it on the bar
You can do it in your car
You can do it on the floor
You can do it with a whore
You can do it in the living room
And do it in the den
You can do it in the kitchen
Then do it all again
You can do it over here
You can do it over there
You can do it with your honey
Almost anywhere
Hey babe, wanna boogie?
Do the horizontal boogie with me!
by PeeBee March 01, 2004
To vomit mass quantities of large solid material. Very unpleasant but could be worse. See example.
Barfly: "I went home totally drunk from the bar last night and started blowing chunks."
Bartender: "That happens when you're shitfaced sometimes."
Barfly: "You don't understand. Chunks is the name of my dog."
by PeeBee February 11, 2004
To take it up the ol' poop chute, literally or figuratively. From the movie "Deliverance" starring Ned Beatty who gets forcibly sodomized by a backwoods redneck pig farmer.
Redneck: "Squeal like a pig, boy!"
Ned Beatty (not knowing what's about to happen): squeal. squeal. squeal.........
by PeeBee February 10, 2004
Another name for the female sex organ.
Q. Does the south mouth have any teeth?

A. If you had ever been inside a vagina you would know that the south mouth does not have any teeth.
by PeeBee January 21, 2004
Lubricating liquid or gel that helps out the act of plundering one or more sexual orifaces, such as Vasiline, K-Y jelly, butter or motor oil.
Conceited woman (while having sex): "Aren't I tight?"
Conceited man: "No, just full. Get out the motion lotion."
by PeeBee February 01, 2004
A woody.
Stroking the cockus erectus will lead to manus milkus.
by PeeBee February 19, 2004
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