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1. A classic childrens television show from the 1950's featuring Buffalo Bob, a ventriloquist who had, among characters, a wooden puppet named Howdy Doody.

2. What you say to the steaming pile of turds in the toilet, when you turn back to look at them.
"It's Howdy Doody time, boys and girls!

Howdy!, doody!
by Malcolm X-crement December 07, 2003
Getting up and looking into the toilet before flushing to see what's there.
Even though he was in a hurry, Buford performed a "Howdy Doody" before finished his business.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
Stupid, low quality
"They sent that howdy doody tech out here who had no clue, and the damn thing is still f-ed up"

"Bring your own gear, because the howdy doody stuff they have doesn't fit right."
by Misrule December 19, 2003
A Howdy Doody is a wooden puppet that Jesse wishes he was.
"You're no fucking Howdy Doody."
by m4st3rd0n November 10, 2003