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A non educated human, who annoys the human population and belongs in a barnyard .
"Don't look at me that way you BUFORD"

"stop fooling around you BUFORD "
#haley #moron #retard #dufus #cornfed
by Everyone is a BUFORD except me February 18, 2013
When a man poops into another man's mouth, and then proceeds to receive a blowjob from the man who received the poop. The person on the receiving end of this act is said to have given a Buford.
I didn't think my night could get any crazier, but then my partner asked me to give him a Buford.
#cleveland baked potato #hot carl #cleveland steamer #poop #blowjob
by Biggity B September 26, 2006
Those button-up plaid jackets worn by farmers and bums.
It was a little chilly outside, so I put on my Buford before going out.
#jacket #plaid #farmer #fashion #clothes
by Fishnizzle April 12, 2007
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